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Sutton Place Park

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Sutton Place Park

At the easternmost end of 57th Street, there’s this little known park with a wild boar at its core.  Known as Sutton Place Park, it has a remarkable view of the 59th Street Bridge as well as the East River. Very few people visit this park so you are mostly assured of a quiet time. The wild boar was a gift from philanthropist Hugh Trumball Adams and was installed in 1972.  If you look carefully, you’ll notice that there are little toads, crabs, lizards and mice around the hoofs of the tender beast. The sculpture and its intricate details were copied from a replica done by Pietro Tacca called “Porcellino” in 1634. The original marble version, which both of these copies were based on, is housed in the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

Sutton Place Park is relatively small but could very well be on the course to expand. The adjacent Co-op, 1 Sutton Place South, has lost the privilege of leasing what could be termed their “backyard” from the city. As of November 2011, plans are being set to turn 1 Sutton Place South’s former greenery into a public park. Of course the shareholders cannot be too thrilled.

Sutton Place Park 2

                  1 Sutton Place South’s former private backyard, awaiting to be made publicSutton Place Park 3


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Creative Little Garden 530 E. 6th Street

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The is one of those parks you accidentally stumble upon, never imagining such a space exists in a metropolitan area like NYC. Not only does it have a long history within the community, it’s also an extremely serene visual indulgence. The Garden is open to the public. You can be a member for a minimal contribution and partake in some planting, weeding and all forms of “getting dirty”.

Creative Garden 2

Creative Garden 3

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