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“Manhattan Murder Mystery” locations

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After a late night spent watching “Manhattan Murder Mystery” I decided to find the building where Larry and Carol Lipton (Woody Allen and Diane Keaten respectively) lived. Thankfully I didn’t have to wonder too far since the address is 200 E. 78th St., not far from where I live.  It’s been a good 18 years since the movie was shot and the building hasn’t changed much from the outside.  The light marble finish in the lobby looks like it has gone a couple shades darker, maybe due to some remodeling. While at it I headed downtown to see how a couple other set locations for this movie were holding up.

Hotel 17 located at 225 E. 17th St. was used for the exterior shots while the Chelsea Hotel was used for the interiors. In the movie, Lillian House hides out in this hotel as her husband collects the insurance money for her fake death. When I got to Hotel 17, just off of Rutherford Place, I spotted a couple teenagers coming out, puffing on cigs.  It certainly looks pretty run down for a hotel I thought,  and when I checked out the hotel’s website, I came to the conclusion that this place must have some of the cheapest rooms in the city. You don’t even get your own bathroom in most of them.  There’s a certain kind of charm to a run-down, gritty, New York hotel, which I guess was why Madonna once chose to stay here.

A few blocks northwest I came across The National Arts Club which was where Carol Lipton went for a wine-tasting. It’s still as charming today as it was in 1993. Being located at 15 Gramercy  Park South gives the club some wonderful views of the park across the street, especially from the bay window which was where, in the movie, Carol Lipton spotted Lillian House riding by in a bus.


Written by agnesbstanton

April 10, 2011 at 12:10 pm