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37 W. 12th st. “The Butterfield House”

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The Butterfield House is an impressive structure from an architectural point of view. Never a big fan of modern post-war structures, I find that this one stands out with its stunning projected bay windows that give it a beehive quality. It was built in 1962 and has an elevation of 7 stories with 104 units. There is a unique courtyard in the back and many of the rear apartments have balconies.

Besides the architecture, this co-op was briefly featured in the 1981 movie “They all Laughed” ┬ádirected by Peter Bogdanovich. John Ritter, who plays the Detective Charles Rutledge, is spying on Dolores Martin played by the late Dorothy Stratten. Ritter hides out in the receding staircase off to the left side of the Butterfield House as he watches Dorothy across the street in a brownstone. This was most likely the last movie that Dorothy Stratten acted in before her tragic murder.

I took a walk there the other day and noticed that nothing has really changed. The outside facade of the building looks just like it did back in 1981. The receding stairs are there too. I wonder where they lead?


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March 28, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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